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The New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation (NESTTD) is an organization devoted to providing education, training, and resources on the effective treatment of psychological trauma, complex trauma and dissociation.

Founded in 1984, NESTTD is incorporated as a nonprofit organization. The society has its headquarters in Massachusetts and has members from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

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NESTTD has made available to its members the “Mining the Treasures of our Membership” video series. The focus of this interview series is on members of our community who have not been NESTTD presenters and are held in high regard for his or her contribution in the area(s) of leadership, teaching, training, trauma theory, or innovations of clinical practice. 

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Winter 2017 Newsletter

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"Pretend Normal"

Spencer Nineberg,
President NESTTD


    Houston, Trump, Puerto

    Rico and the Caribbean,

    "repeal and replace”,

North Korea, Trump, Las Vegas, Charlottesville, Trump, Iran, “the calm before the storm”, California, the list of traumas goes on. What is that like for us? For you? What is happening in our work with clients around this? So many of us have childhood parts that are triggered. So many of us are in a state of freeze or “collapse” at this point. Our minds can’t take it all in and make sense of it. And so we live a double life, knowing about the natural disasters, Trump’s tweets, massacres, but going on with life “as normal”. The horror, the helplessness, the terror, the anger is dissociated.

Our recent speaker Anna Salter called the urge to go on with normal life an instinct and used it to explain “victim counterintuitive behaviors” such as not fighting or resisting during an assault, not escaping when there was an opportunity, delaying disclosure, and seeming “fine”. She called it “Pretend Normal” and gave the example of a child who has been sexually assaulted for the first time by a parent and comes down to breakfast where everyone is acting like it is just a regular day and so does the child.

And yet things are not normal. Little signs have begun to appear in my neighborhood, taped to streetlights, that say NOT NORMAL. They wake me up and remind me of the truth as I am going about my errands. They are a call to come out of our dissociated state, to reclaim exiled terror, helplessness, anger and make room for them, welcome them. We need to listen to those parts.

What we learn from them can move us to the next step where we don’t freeze them out but speak and act on their behalf from a more centered, clear and awake place. When we do, we become aware of some of the gifts coming out of this bad time- the power of the “Me too” movement, Black Lives Matter, the Resist movement, and the increased awareness of what it is like to be non-privileged, not white . . . We need to continue to work for what is true and morally right. There are a lot of us and we are not powerless.

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