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Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation




NESTTD offers an annual full day workshop "Fundamentals of Complex Trauma and Dissociation" - in March or April. Please see the UPCOMING WORKSHOPS to find details on our next FUNDAMENTALS program.

Many trauma experts formulate their therapeutic approaches to clients on the basis of their conceptualization of "complex traumatic stress disorders." Yet what are these? The renowned researcher and clinician, Bessel van der Kolk says, "Dissociation is the essence of trauma," and yet few graduate schools teach anything about dissociation. Our most challenging clients struggle with the long-term effects of insecure or disorganized attachment compounded by the impact of multiple instances of overt trauma.  This program is designed for graduate students and behavioral health and social service providers who are new to learning about and working with the complex trauma spectrum.   Among topics introduced in the morning session will be the concept of developmental trauma, attachment research, basics of relevant neurobiological research, core problems of survivors, assessment, barriers to collaborative therapeutic relationships, and types of therapies.  The afternoon workshops will allow for exploration of more specific aspects of helping clients with the impacts of trauma and dissociation. 


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