NESTTD Board Meeting Highlights

Date:  September 12, 2020

Zoom Meeting: 10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Present: Deborah Hughes, Carolinda Sterczala, Jessica Reed, Carol Lambert, Garry Ratliff, Ellen McCarthy, Alex Wells, Amy Wells, Sandy Dixon, Kimberly Cherry, Roberta Fortgang, Barbara Phillips, and Meredith Branagan.   

  • President Deborah Hughes welcomed attendees and addressed the need to work together to removing barriers within NESTTD to include BIPOC clinicians and address racial trauma in our trainings. 
  • After approval of the minutes from the June Board meeting, the Board discussed initial actions in this regard.  Visons Inc., with Sejal Petal, PsyD and Rick Pinderhughes, PsyD, will provide a year long consultation as the organization moves forward in addressing racism. 
  • A subset of the newly-formed Committee for Racial Justice and Equity is working on updating our mission statement and identifying a vision for the future.  A communication with regard to this initiative will be emailed to members and key contacts at the end of the month.
  • The Board voted unanimously to immediately offer an invitation to BIPOC clinicians to enjoy a one-year waiver of membership and program fees. 
  • Several NESTTD Committees provided updates on this year’s events and activities
    • Two Fall events are upcoming: Mark Nickerson LICSW on 10/3 and Robert Muller PhD on 11/7.   Also, a Half-Day program with Brandon Jones, LMHC, PhD will take place on 4/10/2021. 
    • With regards to racial justice as it relates to the treatment of trauma, the Program committee has developed a vision statement which will be available on the website. The committee is asking all presenters to address the dynamics of power and privilege related to trauma work. 
    • Jerry Mocciola, a tech support consultant, will be hired to improve the technical experience for all attending our 2020-2021 Zoom programs.
    • Planning for this year’s virtual Fundamentals program is well underway, and received Board approval of the speaker fees for the event.  The Board recognized that Fundamentals is critical to introducing newer therapists to trauma work.
    • There are several openings on the various NESTTD committees.  The Nominations committee will list these openings via our website and email the entire membership to reach a wider audience for assistance in filing the roles.
    • Hugo Kamya, PhD will be addressing racial justice in his presentation on 11/20/2020 as part of our Friday Afternoon Series (FAS).
  • Treasurer Jessica Reed stated our account balance is healthy in anticipation of the many expenditures required for upcoming programs and events.
  • The next NESTTD Board meeting will be via Zoom on Saturday, October 17 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.  Committee members are welcome to attend. 
    Submitted by,
    Carol A Lambert, LICSW, Secretary

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