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  Signs your patient may have PTSD

Signs your patient may evidence symptoms of dissociation

Terrorist Acts/Natural Disasters
Trauma Resources For Parents and Educators
This list of resources has been compiled thanks to the efforts of multiple organizations. Note that many of the links require a PDF reader to view the document, such as Adobe Reader


Group Therapy Resources 

Healing The Wounded Child Groups

Judith Prebluda, MA, LMHC:          


Trauma Stage I and II groups - DBT Groups

Kim Elbirt, LMHC.                                               


(Arbour Counseling Services)


(Private Practice)

12 week Group for woman with controlling partners

Carol Lambert, LICSW                   


Current Groups at VOV program in Cambridge:

  1. Trauma Information (TIG)
  2. Mindful Self Compassion
  3. Trauma and The Body
  4. Ongoing treatment group for women with multiple Trauma Histories

Jayme Shorin, LICSW                           

Robin Zachary, LICSW


How To Help

Trauma Recovery EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs


Red Cross Volunteer opportunities.





Tips for Mental Health Professionals

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