Anne Hallward, MD - NEW DATE, DAY, AND TIME -SUNDAY Traumatic Silence and Shame: in the Victim, Perpetrator, Bystander Triangle

  • 22 Mar 2015
  • 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library (National Heritage Museum) Lexington, MA


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This workshop will explore the impact of silence before, during and after trauma.  We will examine the concept of traumatic silence, as its own form of relational trauma with long lasting consequences and patterns of repetition. Indeed silence often sets the stage for trauma and may, after trauma, become worse than the trauma itself.  Traumatic silence essentially surrounds a painful subject with an electrified fence, so that a whole realm of experience becomes unspeakable and therefore, laced with shame, longing and dread.  Event trauma generates internal perpetrator and bystander parts that are attempts to cope with the deep wound of the silenced victim.  We will be looking at how each role in this triangle is shaped by silence and can be helped in the clinical setting to find healing expression.

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About Dr. Hallward:

Anne Hallward is a psychiatrist in Portland, Maine, where she founded Safe Space Radio in 2008.  She was trained and then taught on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, where she co-created classes on Death and Dying, Human Sexuality, Psychiatric Interviewing, and Cultural Competence in Medicine.  She teaches nationally about shame and traumatic silence, and was given the Exemplary Psychiatrist of 2013 award by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She also has a radio program at

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