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This page is intended to provide resources and support groups for mental health providers. The content on this page includes information on networking with other clinicians, information on online support groups to pass onto your patients, as well as resources to guidelines on reopening.

This collection of resources, gathered by NESTTD members and friends, stems from various local, national, and international sources of research, clinical care, and public health teams. Resource lists will be updated regularly. We welcome you to use and share these resources for the benefit of you and your loved ones.

Networking with other Clinicians

Peer to Peer Support Group

A weekly drop-in group providing resources, articles, tools, etc.  If you're alone, in need of encouragement, support or willing to offer that encouragement to others (and not Zoomed out) please join.  The group will meet on Mondays, 7-8:30PM EST. We will plan to meet weekly until further notice. To join or learn more, contact us here.

Health Care and First Responder Impact Specialty

Dr. Lisa Gallagher is accepting new referrals and is working & training on a national level to develop hypnotherapy protocols for first responders and medical professionals dealing directly with the pandemic. Her team is developing short self hypnosis protocols to help clients use stress breaks to promote psychological flexibility, rapidly reduce stress and activate the relaxation response and interweave imagery for grounding, healing, restful and dreamless sleep, hope, and resiliency. They are developing protocols for full psychotherapy sessions as well. Dr Gallagher will provide clients with recordings to use on the job or at home. She accepts: AllWays, BCBS, Cigna & Optum/UHC. Dr. Gallagaher is in Sharon, MA and her office can be reached at (781) 277-4677.

EMDR and AEDP Resource

Patricia Geller has practiced in Lexington for over 30 years. She has done EMDR since the 90’s and has used it online a lot. She often partners with therapists to do EMDR with their clients, and is volunteering with an EMDR group to bring support to those on the front lies of this huge crisis. She is am also certified in AEDP .

Patricia worked in a college setting for years and still sees teens, young adults, families, couples and adults. She has also done a lot of grief work and sees many people who have lost those they love. She is exploring running a group for college kids who are now home. Happy for anyone willing to consult on how to set that up.  Please contact Patricia at

William James College Resource Center

As the COVID 19 public health emergency continues, the William James INTERFACE Referral Service is happy to make resources available to help mental health professionals, potential clients, individuals and families who are being impacted. For more resources check out the William James Interface Referral Service, and the William James College Resource Hub.


Health and Human Services Reopening Approach

This resource is a link to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Health and Human Services Department presentation on reopening and their approach to it. 

Telehealth Resources

Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network

For guidance on responding to COVID-19 and more specifically on transitioning and thriving using telehealth services, check out these trainings.

Particularly recommended are:
  • Telehealth Learning and Consultation (TLC) Tuesdays which is a series of webinars that will cover billing, telehealth tools, providing telehealth to children and adolescents as well as troubleshooting
  • The Northeast & Caribbean MHTTC are providing a webinar on Wednesday, May 13th at 10am PST to provide information about Providing Telehealth Services and Instruction to Students and Clients with a Focus on those with Developmental Disabilities and on the Autism Spectrum.
  • There is also a Virtual Learning Collaborative that will be ongoing for providers on how to use telemental health for clients with serious mental illness, as well as telepsychiatry for this population. Some of our members have been using some of the trainings that SAMSHA learning collaboratives have created to assist them in training their staff on specific topics, and have found them very thorough and useful.

Other Resources

With the COVID 19 public health emergency continuing on situations are changing and people are adapting day by day. We will do our best here at NESTTD to provide resources to help navigate these times.

If you are interested in General Resources or Clinical Resources, we have pages for those as well. This page is continually updated as additional resources become available. If you have resources you would like us to share, or if you are interested in writing a blog with tips you have found work for you, please reach out to our member services director via email at

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