Trauma-Informed Support For Mental Health Clinicians, Clients, & Other Medical Professionals

We know that trauma does not exist in a vacuum, and likewise, it is clear to us that COVID-19 is causing harm across many systems. Many mental health providers are novices in the new frontiers of telehealth, and without trauma-informed training, they may find themselves unprepared to meet their clients’ needs. Meanwhile, our clients are navigating fears of physical illness and the limitations of social distancing, which has left many to cope with financial strain and potential safety risks inside their homes. Furthermore, Medical workers are facing unprecedented circumstances as providers on the front lines of treating coronavirus. This crisis has been compared to an invisible war that being fought around the globe, yet these professionals head into battle with little equipment to protect themselves and leave with the fear that they may unknowingly expose their loved ones to harm. 

As a trauma society, we have a unique opportunity to provide a support, containment, and a sense of community as trauma-informed clinicians: in this moment, we can make an impact. For all of our stakeholders, whether it be mental health clinicians, medical professionals, or our clients, NESTTD has identified an evolving listing important  trauma-informed resources for all who need them. 

Clinical Resources

This portion of the website is devoted to mental health clinicians helping other clinicians — support groups, referrals, networking opportunities and more. Now in the early stages of development, this is where we will host our public facing side of our ongoing video project. Premiering soon this page, as well as our social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn we will be showcasing our brand new video series. This series will consist of interviews with therapists about their tips and tricks for dealing with COVID-19, as well as how they are personally handling social distancing. These videos will be just snippets of longer form webinar recordings, which can be found on the members only section of our website.

For Everyone, Including Medical Professionals

The page for those seeking support who are not therapists include tips on coping skills for self-regulation (e.g. meditation, safe space imagery), links to web-based tools (e.g. Headspace, podcasts, etc.), and tools to help find a therapist.

Technical Tips, Networking, & Consultations

On the page for mental health providers, content includes information on basic trauma-informed care, links to webinars or other resources from specific models (IFS, Sensorimotor, AEDP, etc.), information on Telehealth, and other content. We are planning to contact local experts in the trauma therapy world to offer brief (10-15 minute) interviews on trauma-informed care in response to the pandemic from their clinical perspective. To find short previews of these videos follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) or visit our Clinical Resources page. To access the interviews in their entirety you’ll have to become a member and visit our members only COVID-19 page. These videos will be premiering soon so stay tuned.

Invitation to Blog

We invite and encourage those interested to add a blog to our homepage to inspire further reflection and connection. Please reach out to our office at for instructions.

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