NESTTD Board Meeting Highlights

Date:  February 20, 2021

Zoom Meeting: 12:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.    

Voting Board Members Present:  Debbie Hughes, Carol Lambert, Rina Dubin, Carolinda Sterczala, Lauren Petrilli

Present Non-Voting: Barbara Phillips, Alex Wells, Amy Wells, Meredith Branagan, and Roberta Fortgang

After minutes from the 1/24/21 Board meeting were approved, the Board  passed the appointment of Lauren Petrilli as our newest Member-At-Large. 

Continued Business

  • As a follow-up to the Board’s discussion in November of “Where Are We, What Are We Needing” and in recognition of current circumstances impacting everyone, Debbie announced key changes for next year only:
o   NESTTD will offer a total of four programs
o   Board will meet less often, perhaps every six weeks
o   Prioritize the move toward anti-racism
o   Consider restructuring the programs
o   Work in a way that might allow us to slow down, be more proactive once again–not reactive. 
  • Several Board members voiced support for Debbie’s decision given the systemic factors right now
  • As a first step, 3/6 Board meeting has been canceled.  Next meeting is 4/3.
  • Anne Hallward, MD has been rescheduled to 5/8, with most registrants maintaining their enrollments
  • Mission/Vision Statements:  We now have some input from Visions.  Debbie proposed 4/3 deadline to have mission/vision statements completed.
  • FYI, Visions recommends their in-person learning take place as soon as we are able to do so safely.
  • ISSTD Conference: Alex, Roberta and Carol will be attending various parts.
  • BIPOC Membership Fee: 7/1/2021 – Need to make final decision on continuing or restructuring the offering

New Business
  • Nominations: 
o   Positions needed to be filled: President Elect, MAL and several committees need additional members (Program, Membership, RJEC).  Carolinda will send letter to membership.  Extensive discussion on the need for new volunteers and how to recruit.  Do we need to restructure roles? 
o   Nominations are in a difficult period–less energy and interest among membership to step up at this time. Historically, past presidents come from the Board and now we can’t look to the Board to produce the next President.  Slowing down the process might help us to spend time problem solving the volunteer positions.
o   Debbie proposes an organizational consultant for sustainability.
  • Program Committee/Fundamentals:
o   132 enrolled for Fundamentals so far (now up to 187).
o   Alex Wells is building a volunteer team.  Roles are mostly tech functions. Alex will communicate responsibilities with volunteers via email.
o   Membership price structure under review; hope is to have finalized and present at Fundamentals.
o   Two drop-ins scheduled at lunch and end of day for networking and meeting with other members and attendees. 
o   Non-CEU survey will be available on line for feedback for what peoples’ interests are, venue suggestions, etc.
  • Membership plans to hold Coffee Hour March 21st after Fundamentals. 
o   An announcement will be made at Fundamentals to encourage attendance.  Focus on new members and non-members.
  • RJEC:  
o  The production of The Triggered Project will take place from March 18-April 4 at the Portland Playhouse.  We’ll advertise this event to membership: includes 25 tickets available free of charge to BIPOC; other tickets can be purchased through us; April 1st is an evening selected for NESTTD members to view together; April 8th is a scheduled talkback for all members who attended to meet with the producers. Act Two is the talkback part of each production and support helpers (volunteers) will be available during this time to meet in a virtual room to help/ground anyone in need. The ticket and honorarium are provided to volunteers. Membership will be asked about volunteering although we are not expecting much of a response.
  • Member Services
o   Actively marketing Fundamentals via email and social media, any ideas for social media positioning appreciated
o   Nearing Wild Apricot contact limit; may need to reduce contacts or increase plan limits which would be expensive
  • Membership Committee
o   Venue search continues, with 13-14 places investigated.  UMass Mt Ida in Newton may be best option thus far, but other places like UMass Boston are still being considered.
o   Membership continuing to review data on program attendance in effort to assist Program with future programming.
o   Next Coffee Times will be the week after Fundamentals.  Invitations to be issued to Fundamentals attendees as well as, for the first time, our non-member contacts.  Attendance has dwindled and membership is discussing ways to improve, such as town halls, new member meet-and-greet, or members sharing expertise/passion with other members.  Membership will work with RJEC to drive ideas for both groups.

Next NESTTD Virtual Board Meeting:  April 3, 2021, 10-12:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Lambert, LICSW


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