NESTTD Board Meeting Highlights

Date:  May 22, 2021

Zoom Meeting: 12:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.    

Present:  Voting Members:  Debbie Hughes, Garry Ratliff, Amy Wells, Rina Dubin, Lauren Petrilli, Carol Lambert, Jessica Reed.   Non-voting members:  Meredith Branagan, Sandy Dixon, Roberta Fortgang, Alex Wells.


  • After the Board unanimously approved the minutes from the April 3, 2021 Board meeting, they voted and accepted Kimberly Cherry onto the Board as a new Member-At-Large (MAL). 
  • Debbie will continue to work with NESTTD’s attorney to complete the presenter’s contract by next week.  We are particularly interested in recording virtual presentations to develop a library for presenters–attendees would be deleted.   Roberta will review contract in the context of FAS presenters.
  • Sandy and Roberta were concerned that the presenter fee schedule may need to change if some are making videos available to members.
  • Debbie encourages all to help in the search for Media/Website Consultant. Meredith will reach out to Molly Dee to see if she knows anyone. Garry added that his son is very knowledgeable re TikTok. He’s completing his MSW at Simmons and might be interested in joining NESTTD.
  • June Board meeting will likely be hybrid (some people will be online, some in person)

NEW BUSINESS                

Board Retreat is scheduled for August and planning is underway.  Topics to include Board structure and long term plan for organization.  Debbie asked for ideas for retreat activities and topics.


  • Membership Committee:    Chairs Lauren Petrilli and Amy Wells
    • Next Coffee Times is June 6; Membership looking for ideas to make Coffee Times more meaningful to generate more interest. Using Coffee Times for informal peer supervision was one thought.  Roberta suggested following up with Coffee Times attendees who don’t return.
    • ·       Venue search still underway for when we return to live programming.  Under consideration are UMass Boston, UMass at Mt Ida in Newton, Hebrew College in Newton Center, and Cambridge College in Charlestown.  Some concerns were raised about the type of communities these venues are in. Amy visits venues on Fridays and welcomes company.
  • Nominations:  Chair Carolinda Sterczala, report delivered by Debbie Hughes
    • Ongoing needs…some progress made.
    • Deep appreciation expressed for Carolinda’s hard work in locating volunteers.  All of us need to be involved in this effort.
    • Program is in need of volunteers. Board positions to fill: Student position remains open. With Kimberly, four of five MAL slots have been filled.
    • Some Board members expressed need to ensure volunteers understand the expectations and requirements for the position and that we ensure they are qualified for the positions in which they are interested.  Others emphasized that we need to be open and fun, and that people can learn on the job.  Should we also consider offering program discounts to volunteers was raised.
    • ·       A side conversation not related to Nominations concerned the possibility of growing our revenue through grants, so that we would have more flexibility in offering discounts or even stipends to volunteers.  Several possibilities for getting help with grant writing were offered; Meredith also offered to help.
  • Program Committee/FAS:  Co-Chairs Sandy Dixon and Amy Wells with Roberta Fortgang (FAS)
    • Board passed a motion that Karen Swartz receive payment for providing yoga breaks during 2022 Fundamentals. This year she volunteered her time.  
    • Fundamentals will be virtual next year. Fatimah will return. Heather Finn (SMART) may return.  Rae Cuffe is scheduled for the plenary. Sandy will present Part Two of Dissociation.
    • Recorded Zoom Events--what to do with them.  Sandy suggested putting up her Plenary to see what kind of reaction we get.  She also suggested offering CEs for recorded presentations within the state of MA as a first step. Subcommittee formed to explore further:  Sandy, Roberta, Jess, and Meredith
    • Program is in need of help with only three positions remaining by the end of September…Sandy, Ken and Suzanne. There’s a continued need for volunteers and programming consideration for 2022/23.
    • Debbie suggested starting the year September 2022 with a big presenter to highlight “We’re back!”
  • Member Services:  Meredith Branagan
    • Results of Hallward survey were extremely positive; results to go out this week. No recording of Anne’s program exists.
    • Membership drive underway; multiple emails about early bird pricing sent,
    • Meredith has bandwidth for summer projects should anyone need help.
    • Wild Apricot’s website fee is going up by $700 for two years. We’re paid through 2022.
    • Unsubscribes to our emails have increased; need to reduce sends when possible.
  • RJEC:    Debbie Hughes delivered for Chair Kimberly Cherry                                
    • Updates Noted in Report
    • Alfonso to invite membership to join the Racial Justice and Equality Committee and determine what is of interest among our members.
    • June 23rd. @ 6:30 p.m. The initial Critical Conscious Group (Virtual) will take place. An open forum where people can exchange thoughts about what they’d like to address, learn, offer, etc.  The group then decides on the format, frequency, etc for the group going forward.  Also, whether separate groups are of interest such as all people of color, all White, or together.
    • WGBH Host Craig M asked whom we would recommend as a trauma expert to talk about the anniversary of George Floyd. Debbie reached out to presenters this year and Black Therapists’ members with his contact information.
  • Treasurer:  Jessica Reed                         
    • Jessica announced that our balance is a bit lower than normal as expenses are being submitted and membership dues still coming in. Streaming presentations would help generate more income.
  • Alex is shifting her role from co-chair but plans to help with Program.  Positive messages, gratitude, and well wishes expressed to Alex.                           
  • Well wishes from the Board, Committee, Members and Membership have been sent to Barbara along with a gift from the Board.

Next NESTTD Board Meeting (Virtual):  June 19, 2021, 10:00 am to 12: 30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Carol A Lambert, LICSW


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