NESTTD Board Meeting Highlights

First Hybrid Meeting

Virtual and 14 Crescent St. W Newton (Rinas House)

June 19, 2021, 10:00 AM-12:30 PM.


Voting Members Present: Rina Dubin, Carolinda Sterczala, Debbie Hughes, Kimberly Cherry, Carol Lambert, Lauren Petrilli, Jessica Reed, Garry Ratliff,

Non-Voting Members Present: Roberta Fortgang, Meredith Branagan

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: May 22, 2021 Passed


·       After minutes from the 5/22 Board Meeting were approved, the Board welcomed Kimberly Cherry as our newest MAL.  Nominations Chair Carolinda Sterczala acknowledged Kimberly’s many contributions and others chimed in.

·       Presenters Contract:  Debbie announced the contract is almost complete.

·       Media/Website Consultant/ Volunteers to assist with search: Review and discussion of current proposal from Voice Matters:

  • Initial reactions: Cost is a bit high; do we do it for a blast” and if so, how long do we follow up?
  • Meredith sent it to Molly Dee, our previous marketing consultant. Molly recommended we not to do the website piece.  She suggested going to a college for a class to do it.  She also recommended six months minimum for media changes to stick with ongoing oversight.
  • Other thoughts:  While most agreed a social media presence for NESTTD is important, we need to determine cost and how to establish measurable goals – membership, visibility, short and long term vision, etc? 
  • Who are we as an organization, and do we want to change?  Is on-line streaming a revenue opportunity for us and of value to our members?
  • Is our organization still viable and can we appeal to younger clinicians?
  • §  Should we reach out to members who have left to ask why?
    • Expert help required.


·       Future programs--identify virtual, hybrid, or in person.  Fall 2022 will be in-person.

·       Retreat:   August 14th Saturday, 10:00 am -5 pm;  Debbie s residence with possible virtual option

    • Expectations/Preparations for the days agenda:

§  What is your role and responsibilities?

§  Are these assigned tasks by the role (in By-Laws) or not? If not, how did you happen to take them on?

§  What tasks are daily, weekly, or monthly? How much time during the week do you spend on these tasks? 

§  What do you enjoy and what would you want to change?

§  How many years do you have in this position?

§  One focus will be how to reduce responsibilities of roles and jobs?

§  Submit to Debbie by July 15th for pre-retreat discussion

    • Past president: Nominations Committee - Clarifying past presidents role
  •  Visions: Two half day programs: Fall or Fall/Winter?  Doodle sent.
    • NESTTD s training to include one session in the fall and one in the winter. 
    • Training guide from Visions sent to board members

·           Grant, feasibility/update of previously mentioned possible resources:

    • Wild Apricot (website service) offers a training to its clients on how to obtain grants. Debbie and Meredith have signed up to attend.
    • It s suggested to get a consultant to help with getting a grant.
    • 50136 vs. 5013C status:  Our non-profit status clarified; we will qualify to pursue some grants but not all
    • Grants are to sustain the organization and foster the needs of focused groups. One goal is to obtain funding for advance trauma training to cover for many--cost, supervision fees, support, etc.
    • The focus of the grant proposal determines where to look…need to get clear about what we want to do. Two foci identified: Racial justice out reach and support and public health (in this time of COVID) a growing need for trauma treatment.
    •, a resource that helps non-profit organizations find and     secure mental health grants. Carol will explore further.


  • Membership Committee - see Committee Report     
    • Coffee Times:  June 6th was last coffee time; four attended. Waning interest in attendance; Membership will take the summer off and re-evaluate need for and structure of the program in the fall. Board expressed gratitude to Lauren and Amy for events held this year.
    • Venue search update - see Committee Report.  Committee report has dates of visits to venues during July if anyone is interested in joining Amy and Lauren.   Appreciation expressed for all the work Amy and Lauren have done.

·        Nominations

    • Ongoing needs/update: positions to be filled
    • Prepare for turn over next year: Jess and Carol s terms end next year. What is the next step to fill the President s position?  Past President position as it stands now is for two years and holds responsibility of Nomination Committee.
    • Difficult to find volunteers and over time this could continue. Everyone is doing the best they can.
    • Volunteer positions for payment is not possible as a non-profit but free entrance to presentations could be one way to compensate.

·       Program Committee - Planning for 22/23 season: In-person: # of programs, streaming vs virtual, etc.

·       FAS - see Committee Report October 8th,  Roberta Omin, LICSW: When The Therapist Has A Medical Illness  (not exact title).

·       RJEC:   Initial Critical Consciousness Group virtual on June 23 at 6:30 pm.

·       Treasurer:   Funds on the low side as is typical this time of year; membership $ will boost.

·       Member Services

  • Membership renewals update, questions and concern:  BIPOC members not renewing their membership however, there are no incentives currently to do so.  When we do have programs, we can generate outreach.
  • Videos: ready to sell online, what should pricing be?
  • Referral Requests:  Outgoing message redone to discourage requests; MALs will handle ongoing.       

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Lambert, LICSW


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