NESTTD Board Meeting Highlights

Date:  April 3, 2021

Zoom Meeting: 12:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.    

Voting Board Members Present: Debbie Schwartz, Rina Dubin, Jessica Reed, Carolinda Sterczala, Lauren Petrilli

Present Non-Voting: Barbara Phillips, Alex Wells, Amy Wells, Meredith Branagan, Roberta Fortgang, Kimberly Cherry

Member present: Carol Garfinkle 


Approval of Minutes: February 20, 2021 Board Meeting Passed

Continued Business:

  • A separate meeting including Debbie Hughes, Rina Dubin, Jessica Reed and Roberta Fortgang to finalize Mission statement (Completed; new statement on website)

New Business: 
  • Presenter Contract: Debbie continues to work with attorney to draft.
  • Ideas needed about how to be more present on social media, outreach and publicity, more virtual advertising/marketing.  Jerry to offer ideas.  Anyone else with ideas of who could help should let Debbie know.
  • Statement of support and resources for Asian American population should be added to website; Barbara offered to create a supportive statement. (Complete) 
  • Retreat ideas: reflecting on how the organization is shifting, changing roles, structures, committees, amending  bylaws possibly 
    • Pandemic impacting recruitment and how we meet.  Will try hybrid approach to June Board meeting and if it works well, consider using for retreat.
Committee Reports
  • Membership: 
    • Looking at Coffee Times and trying to determine whether it is still needed or needs to be restructured. 
    • Venue Search update continues: four choices currently under consideration.  Facilities, transportation options, prices, catering options, and ability to unload our materials are all considerations.
      • Amy and Alex Wells will visit the venue spaces over the next month or two to narrow it down to one or two places 
      • Possible to offer hybrid programs (virtual streaming and in person)? 
  • Nominations:
    • Carolinda has been speaking with someone about a potential MAL spot and received inquiry of interest from another member
    • Still open to doing things differently for the Presidential Elect position - can discuss during the retreat 
    • Brainstormed what may help people consider various roles 
    • Debbie sent an email to Sejal to see if she can lend support to nominations and bringing in more people of color and of diverse backgrounds
  • Program:
    • Brandon Jones in April, Anne Hallward in early May
    • Anticipating all virtual programs next year: Boston Liberation Health (Sept 25), Dr. Heather Hall (November), Fundamentals, and options for FAS and program can support similar mission.  Scaling back number of offerings next year.
    • Alex reviewed the feedback from Fundamentals, which was largely positive.  She discussed ideas for a two-day event next year as many felt the day was too fast.  There was also extensive discussion about the benefits of in-person vs virtual events, and the difficulties of each.  The Program Committee will continue working on these topics and need to make decisions around structure by August in order to start preparations.


  • RJEC:
    • Triggered Life Project Reflections - FAS project with them, or add to Fundamentals?
    • 15 tickets taken of the 25 free ones offered 
    • Talk Back event on April 8th for NESTTD members who attended the play - will send a reminder on the Listserv 
    • Mining the treasures within our membership idea continues to grow
  • Outreach and Publicity: 
    • The Pat Ogden Interview is ready to be viewed -  will put link on website  
    • Elders in the Field Series (figuring out what to call it)

 Member Services Director:

  • Suggested more pictures needed on the NESTTD website in general 
  • Can help highlight Pat Ogden’s interview on NESTTD website 

Next NESTTD Virtual Board Meeting:  May 22, 2021,  10-12:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lauren Petrilli, LICSW

Membership Committee and MAL

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