NESTTD Board Meeting Highlights

Date:  January 24, 2021

Zoom Meeting: 12:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.    

Present Voting:  Debbie Hughes, Carol Lambert, Rina Dubin, Jessica Reed, Carolinda Sterczala, Garry Ratliff

Present Non-voting: Barbara Phillips, Amy Wells, Meredith Branagan, Alex Wells, Roberta Fortgang, Kimberly Cherry, Lauren Petrilli

Approval of Minutes December 12, 2020 Board Meeting - Passed

Continued Business 

  • Quick Updates:   1) Debbie informed the group that Jerry Mocciola has signed a contract to be our tech person through 12/31/21.   2) Outreach for Anne Hallward’s program is underway and will include lunchtime breakout rooms to provide a networking opportunity and recruit volunteers (rescheduled).  3) Visions small group sessions are completed, and we expect feedback soon.
  •  RJEC: Proposal re: Mascoll’s Production:  The Triggered Project. : Kimberly Cherry: The board voted to spend from $500 to $1000 for tickets including setting aside funds for BIPOC members.  A “Talk Back” meeting afterwards for discussion.  Members will be informed and solicited for ticket purchase and/or donation. Marketing correctly and sensitively to the right audience will be critical. Rina Dubin offered to work with members to address any questions or concerns.

New Business and Committee News

  • Nominations – Carolinda Sterczala welcomed our newest member-at-large, Lauren Petrilli LICSW.  Lauren has extensive experience working as an outpatient therapist for children, adolescents and adults, and has volunteered at many NESTTD programs.
  • Membership – Amy Wells announced the next Coffee Times will be Saturday, February 13th .  Amy and Lauren have requested any feedback around racial justice initiatives be forwarded to them. Finally, Membership continues to search for a new venue for in-person events, likely to begin in 2022 with the Fundamentals program.   Debbie suggested Fundamentals take place in 2022 in a new place with in-person attendance to launch “We’re back!”
  • OP:  Alfonso reached out to Guy MacPherson. Dr. MacPherson will include announcements of NESTTD in his monthly newsletter.  
  • Barbara Phillips, long-time chair of Outreach and Publicity announced she is stepping down from the Chair position and will be joining the program committee (date to be determined). Further discussion is needed to determine the future of OP, with separating out publicity and marketing one possibility.  Since Program has taken on additional responsibilities relating to CEUs, legal, tech and more, there may be an opportunity to restructure and reorganize the functions associated with both committees.  This will be the subject of discussion at future meetings.
  • Barbara proposes utilizing “Mining the Treasures of Membership” to interview/record/make available introductions of new members.
  • Program/Fundamentals Alex Wells is still looking for volunteers for this 3/13/21 all-day zoom event.  Volunteers need to be comfortable with tech duties.  Day will include a morning plenary, two 15-minute yoga breaks; a lunch break which will offer a networking opportunity with Carolinda Sterczala, Kimberly Cherry and others; and many afternoon workshops.  Full details are on our website.
  • Debbie Hughes is working with program committee on a formal contract for presenters. Debbie to discuss and formalize presenter contract with attorneys.

Other Business:

  • Debbie Hughes proposed NESTTD send 1-2 people to part or all of ISTTD’s virtual conference which is 4/9 – 4/12.  Invitation extended to Alex Wells.  Kimberly wondered if we could learn from ISSTD as we move forward in our new direction, and if there are other organizations from whom we can learn,  Amy noted ISSTD conference includes options with a social justice focus
  • Mission/Vision Statements:  Still need to be rewritten to be consistent with our new direction.  We’ll need input from Board members and from Visions. Who will be writers, possible time frame, etc.?  To start, Google doc will be created with existing mission statement. Board members will review and modify.
  • Future meeting agenda items:
    • BIPOC membership fee starting July 1, 2021
    • Official vote for Lauren’s MAL position

Next NESTTD Board meeting:  February 20, 2021, 10-12:30 p.m., via Zoom

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Lambert, LICSW


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