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NESTTD provides a community for professionals who understand the profound effects of severe and prolonged trauma and who share an excitement about learning new developments in this rapidly expanding field. You are welcome to come to any of our quarterly workshops. These workshops are given by distinguished clinicians and researchers in the field of trauma. Please see our Calendar to find out about upcoming speakers.

Better yet, become a member and you can come to the two half-day workshops for free as part of your membership benefits. Our policy is to keep membership rates low so check them out in the Members section. You'll be able to read about all the other benefits of membership, too.

There are many ways you can get involved in the organization and get to know us. Please look at the Committees section to find a committee that interests you. Did you know that we hold an annual Fundamentals day long workshop intended for clinicians who are just beginning to understand the nature of complex PTSD and dissociation? You can read about it in the Fundamentals section

We believe it is important to have a community, so come to our meetings. You will find we are a very friendly and welcoming group!

Our Mission

NESTTD is a 501c6 non-profit organization which was founded in 1984. It is staffed primarily by volunteers, with the exception of its Member Services Director

NESTTD s mission is to provide high quality programs to mental health professionals and clinicians in training who treat those who struggle with trauma, complex trauma and dissociation. We strive to deliver workshops on clinical theory and practice that include the critical consciousness of oppressive systems and racism. 

NESTTD s affordable workshops are led by local, national, and international professionals who are advancing the field of trauma education and practice. We are committed to having a robust community that continues to work toward social justice and equity.

What We Do

NESTTD Provides Consistently Excellent Programs for Clinicians:

All clinicians find themselves to be “Trauma Therapists”  some of the time. NESTTD will help you to be prepared, responsive and effective.   

Many clinicians and researchers understand the profound effects of severe and prolonged trauma, and want to know how to bring the best care to clients with this history. Fortunately, there are many new developments in this rapidly expanding body of knowledge. NESTTD has been providing excellent, affordable and ongoing education regarding the Identification and Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociation since 1984. Please see our Calendar to find out about upcoming speakers, browse recent events, see who else beyond clinicians and researchers attends, and to register. We gather clinical and research experts from around the nation and beyond to help us grow in our field.   

New to Trauma and Dissociation?

Many students and clinicians are new to Complex Trauma, or particularly to Dissociation. Dive right in to learning with us. You are welcome at any of our events, but may be especially interested in our “Fundamentals” day-long workshop, which takes place in March. This workshop is designed for students and clinicians who are just beginning to understand the nature of these topics. You can read more about the program in the Fundamentals section of our website.

Ongoing Community with Membership in NESTTD:

NESTTD is a member organization made up of professionals from related disciplines who are interested in the study and treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociation. We come together to learn from one another and from our invited speakers. One of our primary goals is to increase connection and collegiality. If you plan to attend more than one event, consider joining us as a member! Membership in NESTTD includes free admittance to two morning programs a year, as well as discounts on most other programming. We also offer member-only features on our website, and access to our member community for questions and referrals. NESTTD recognizes the work agency employees do with specialized rates, and also offers reduced rates to students and retired clinician. Check out the Members section of our website for more information and for sign-up instructions, and continue your learning with us. You will find we are a very friendly and welcoming group!


All committees welcome new members. If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a committee, please contact Meredith Branagan at or one of the Committee Chairs, below.

Program Committee

Sandy Dixon, PsyD, Chair

The Program Committee is responsible for the production of NESTTD’s large-scale events. This committee selects event speakers and topics, organizes and supports event development, and scaffolds the execution of these events. NESTTD’s large-scale events include four programs between September and May. These programs are geared towards the needs of current and prospective NESTTD members, as well as other interested attendees. 

Historically, these four programs have been three half-day events (9:00am – 12:30pm) and one full-day program (9:00am – 4:30pm). Half-day events may also include an afternoon intensive workshop (a smaller-scale event that provides additional depth into a topic). Additionally, the Program Committee produces “The Fundamentals of Complex Trauma and Dissociation” program, which is a full-day event geared towards those who may be new to this specialty area.

    The Program Committee maintains lists of suggested speakers and topics that may be potential sources for future NESTTD events. This list is generated by workshop attendees, Board members, ISSTD conferences, Committee members, and general perusal of the field. While we always work to offer one event strictly focused on dissociation, the remainder of our event topics can change from year to year in the hope of keeping topics fresh and interesting to many.

    The Program Committee meets approximately 4 times per year to generate ideas on events and speakers, and to discuss needs regarding event production. This Committee also discusses goals for NESTTD’s future trainings as we strive to meet the needs of a wide array of trauma treatment providers. Typical Committee Member responsibilities involve attending Committee meetings, participating in discussions on future events, and coordinating event production as a volunteer “Program Coordinator.” In this role, the volunteer is assigned to a specific event and oversees particular needs with the support of other Committee members. More specifically, the Program Coordinator is responsible for maintaining necessary interactions with the event speaker across all stages of event development, for supporting communication between the Program Committee and other NESTTD Committees regarding their assigned event, and for coordinating the tasks needed for the workshop and speaker to run smoothly. 

    The Program Committee is an integral part of NESTTD -- responsible for the maintenance of its current training events and for the development of the organization’s future. If you enjoy exploring new ideas and promoting opportunities for learning, we’d love for you to join us!

    Racial Justice and Equity Committee

    Kimberly Cherry, PhD, Chair

      The Racial Justice and Equity Committee (RJEC) is a new initiative born out of the organization’s commitment to sustainable change toward anti-racism and anti-oppression at the individual, interpersonal, and organizational levels.

      The RJEC is committed to supporting the dialogue around critical consciousness and trauma work, developing structures of accountability, and helping NESTTD move toward antiracism and anti-oppression as individuals and as a community. We are continuing to build this committee, and while this committee is evolving in how it functions, we are seeking members with knowledge, skill and passion in the area of racial and social justice. 

      Nominating Committee

      Carolinda Sterczala, LICSW, Chair

      The Nominating Committee has the responsibility for identifying qualified candidates for the Board of Directors. The Committee presents a slate of candidates to the Society at annual elections, oversees the voting process, and announces the results.

      Friday Afternoon Series (FAS) Committee

      Roberta Fortang, LICSW, Chair

      The FAS Committee has full responsibility for our two Friday Afternoon programs.  The committee members identify and invite appropriate speakers and handle all of the logistical details associated with the events.

      Membership Committee

      Amy Wells and Lauren Petrilli, Co-chairs

      The Membership Committee actively seeks and encourages membership applications from qualified persons in the field of psychotherapy who are interested in the study and treatment of trauma and dissociation. This committee is driven by a mission to infuse NESTTD’s identity with a networking and community building potential. It implements ways to welcome and include new members at quarterly meetings, assesses and meets the networking and collegial needs of existing members, manages the on-line discussion group and forums, creates opportunities for professional networking during and outside of the quarterly meetings, updates and maintains the Membership list and the Therapy Referral list of the NESTTD web site, and conducts periodic surveys to assess members’ needs and priorities.

      Finance Committee

      Jessica Reed, LICSW, Chair

      The Finance Committee is responsible for the development of financial policies for NESTTD. We create the annual budget and make finance-related recommendations. We also audit NESTTD’s financial records. 


      Our Policies


      All fees paid to NESTTD support our mission of providing education, training, and resources on the effective treatment of psychological trauma, complex trauma, and dissociation.

      Cancellation & Refund Policy

      Registrants may cancel their registration for a program and receive a full refund by contacting the Member Services Director, Meredith Branagan, at or 508-964-2234 up to seven (7) days prior to the scheduled program.  With regard to the program registration fee, no refund or credit under any circumstances will be available for cancellations outside of the established time line set in this Refund and Cancellation Policy, unless an event is cancelled by NESTTD, or the Program Venue is closed due to inclement weather.  With regard to the $25 Continuing Education fee, $5 of this fee is for processing costs and is non-refundable within the seven day window.  However, the $20 service fee we provide to the Institute may be refunded.   To request a refund or for further information, please contact NESTTD Member Services Director, Meredith Branagan, via email at

      Inclement Weather Policy 

      Please see this site after 5:30 a.m. on the day of the event for updates.


      Our liability is limited to refunds for program fees only, in the above prescribed circumstances. NESTTD is not responsible for any statements, acts, materials, or omissions by our presenters or participants. The use of audio and video taping devices or other recording devices by program participants is not permitted. Children and unregistered guests are not permitted at the programs.

      Financial Assistance

      In keeping with our mission, our hope is that NESTTD serves a diverse population of mental health students and professionals interested in deepening their understanding of trauma and dissociation. We work hard to make our high quality programming affordable, but if cost is keeping you from attending, please contact us. You can reach our Member Services Director, Meredith Branagan, at Though we hope to always be able to offer reduced rates and financial help to get our information out to a wider circle, we will need to do this based on the health and strength of our finances.

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