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New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation

To Our Valued NESTTD Members

How Will NESTTD Be? 

We are approaching one year since everything changed, and NESTTD moved to webinars to help keep each other safe during a pandemic.  White board members of NESTTD then had a reckoning, realizing that good intentions need to be backed by more effective anti-racism action plans.  So much has gone right during this year, with excellent programs continuing, our volunteers learning how to produce excellent programming on Zoom, and projects to support NESTTD BIPOC community proceeding. 

As chair of the Nominations Committee, I am writing to review a few points of information relevant to all our members, and to ask your help.  Soon you will receive a letter from our President Deborah Hughes, LICSW, regarding necessary changes we will be making to our program next year.  These changes largely relate to the statements below.

  • Throughout our 37-year history we have been a volunteer organization with the exception of a part-time Member Services Director who is compensated. In-person events facilitated our ability to recruit needed volunteers
  • During the pandemic, several instrumental people have newly volunteered either for committees or for board positions.  We thank them!  However, overall, our committees are sorely understaffed, and we lack any candidates for President-Elect.
  • NESTTD still provides relevant and necessary programs. We specifically address dissociation.  We eschew loyalty to any modality so that we can offer a cross-sectional understanding of trauma. We can refine our mission to rightly recognize the role racism and oppression play in trauma for clients, clinicians, and how we have been taught.  We offer often less costly trainings that remain popular with our members.
  • To do what we do takes work, and we share that work.  As our body of volunteers shifts, some may have different needs than our volunteers did years ago. We are open to changing our structures, but are unsure how to do that.
  • Our Program Committee and other key committees will require additional assistance to keep offering multiple rich and worthwhile trainings each year.
  • Ultimately the sustainability of our organization is a membership concern, and we need you, our members, to let us know what is wanted and also how you can help.  Members have been asked to do this during leadership shifts in the distant past, and have always found ways to build the organization they want.   
  • Perhaps you are ready to volunteer now, or soon. Learning new things, the collegiality of being part of the group, helping to make the important decisions best representing the whole of this important body, are just a few reasons volunteers enjoy contributing.  Or, perhaps you have other ideas that would help us move forward.  I encourage you to email me at  I also welcome you to use the listserv to prompt discussion regarding NESTTD’s ongoing regeneration.  I am asking you, our membership, to help decide not only what NESTTD will be, but how NESTTD will be. 
Thank you for your consideration. 


Carolinda Sterczala
NESTTD Past President
Chair, Nominations Committee

PO Box 772,
Hingham, MA 02043
(508) 964-2234
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