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Fall Update:  Promised Action Steps

The following Actions Steps have been taken by NESTTD’s Board and Committees. It is our hope and plan that the implementation of these action steps and the work being discussed to drive similar needed changes will, over time, be noticed within all aspects of the organization. Further, by taking these action steps, we feel confident of ensuring NESTTD’s commitment to provide high-quality, trauma-focused programs as we work towards becoming an Anti-Racist organization.

  1. Respecting our stages of examining and working towards changing our implicit and explicit racial biases, we hired Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consultant, Lisa Lackey, MEd. to provide an experiential and didactic learning experience for our Annual Board Retreat. All who attended regarded it as a rich learning experience and resolved to continue their personal work and growth.
  2. Knowing that there is much we do not know with regards to ongoing and specific steps necessary to the overall transformation of NESTTD in order to realize our goal of becoming an anti-racist organization, we have entered into a year-long contract with Visions, Inc. a local DEI consulting firm.
  3. We are eliminating fees for membership and programs for our self-identified BIPOC colleagues for the July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 programming season.
  4. We have formed the Committee for Racial Justice and Equity. As a starting point, the members of the committee will be working closely with the DEI experts in the crafting of NESTTD’s new mission statement, visions statements, and statement of solidarity with Black lives.
  5. The Member Survey shared by our Membership Committee included specific questions on how we may effect change regarding racism, as well as other oppressions of intergenerational trauma that affect systems of care that need our attention. Many of the actions steps we will be taking have come directly from your valued responses. Thank you!
  6. In an effort to address the power structure of the Board, to provide transparency and to eliminate the confusion expressed from many of our members regarding how the board and committees are formed and make decisions, we will: 
  7.  Create a synopsis of the monthly board meetings that will be available on the website and listserv.
  8.  Invite all Committee members to attend monthly Board meetings.
  9. Update each Committee’s description on our website.
  10. Our Program Committee, which includes the Fundamentals Program, has created a working Vision Statement that is proudly shared here:  “ Through the organization and production of NESTTD’s programs, the Program Committee is dedicated to delivering high-quality training at the intersection of trauma training and social justice. We believe that training on clinical theory and practice must include the critical consciousness of oppressive systems, including racism. We strive to deliver programs that are accessible to a broad population of providers to promote healing and human transformation at a large scale.”  We have also increased speakers fees for the Fundamentals Program, NESTTD’s cornerstone program.
  11. We continue to update our COVID-19 and Racism and Trauma topics under the Resource Tab located on our website.
  12. We hired a website consultant to launch a Social Media Campaign designed to promote discussion on racism and trauma.  We will update you with results of this outreach, as the data is compiled and available.
  13. In an effort to support the work that is relevant to therapists of color, Risheen Brown, MSW has formed a peer supervision group for BIPOC therapists
  14. Periodically, I will update you with regard to our progress. In the meantime, I invite you to engage in this process and join the conversation of change as you feel comfortable and have the time to do so.


Warmly and with Respect,


Deborah A. Hughes, LICSW

NESTTD Board President

PO Box 772,
Hingham, MA 02043
(508) 964-2234
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